Who's Who In An FIA?

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What Are Fixed Index Annuities?

Fixed index annuities are insurance products that protect against loss and generally offer a reasonable rate of return.**

Who’s Who in Fixed Index Annuities

An indexed annuity contract typically involves four parties. Insurance companies, owners, and beneficiaries.

The Insurance Company

Life insurance companies issue annuities. The insurance company guarantees annuities.

The Annuitant

It is common for owners and annuitants to be the same person, but not always. The life expectancy of annuitants determines when and how many benefits they will receive.

The Contract Owner

The person who purchases an annuity is its owner.

The Beneficiary

The Annuitant’s beneficiaries will receive the Death Benefits.

Choosing a Retirement Professional

Consider meeting with a retirement professional to gain more insight about fixed indexed annuities. There is no one retirement strategy that fits all. Good money management can make a big difference in your life. 

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